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Friday, February 24, 2012

Love is in the Air!

  Greetings online people!  I know, I know it's been quite a while since I've posted anything on my blog.  But I actually HAVE been writing "behind the scenes", if you will.  I have partially-written several blog posts, but I just haven't had the time to edit them and finish them off for public viewing, yet.  Frankly, it makes me extremely obsessive with perfectionism about publishing my posts!!!  I want them to be " just perfect" for public viewing, so I won't sound like a babbling fool!  LOL!  I am going to try and not be SO hard on myself and from now on I am going to try and just "let it flow" a little more!  :) 
  This is a blog I began writing on Valentines Day, thus the title!  I never got around to finishing it, but it is often said, "better late than never"!  So with that said... here's the better late than never Valentines Day post!

  Okay, so the title may be a little misleading, but I couldn't resist- after all, IT IS Valentine's Day!!!  :)

  Around here, we don't really make a big deal out of Valentines Day.  But, just because we don't really do anything BIG doesn't necessarily mean we don't do ANYTHING either.  We just don't make any big plans, we don't have any special traditions, and we don't have any big expectations.  We may have the occasional cute little cards being spontaneously exchanged among family members throughout the day, maybe a few sweet treats being tossed to and fro, and a few "Happy Valentines Days" greetings flying around in the atmosphere.  Each person does what they feel like they want to do or what they think of to do on their own. 

  I always tell my dear husband that I don't want him to buy me something, give me a card, flowers, or whatever JUST because the date on the calendar is telling him to do so!  I tell him that I want him to do something special for me because HE WANTS TO do it, not out of some obligation from the date on the calendar! 

  So, truth be told, I have been feeling real icky the last few days... you see, I've got a head cold, and I just really wanted to be in bed resting today after the kiddos and I got done with school, and after I got done bringing the girls to their tambourine class, and running a few errands.  But in spite of the way I was feeling physically, I was feeling a strong tugging on my heart strings to put on a special meal for my family. 

  However, the thought of putting on a special meal sounded a little like having a root canal right about now!!!  You know how it is when your sick, right?  When your sick, and when your a momma, you push through a whole day despite feeling really bad, and all day you are looking forward to getting take out or deli and resting and relaxing, right?  But I really felt like I should do something special for my family and I felt that I was supposed to bless them in this way.  So I did!  I decided to suck it up, and decided that I would go ahead and push myself a little more and make a wonderful large, homemade meal for my family...for no other reason except that I LOVE them and that I really ENJOY cooking for them and serving them in this way!  After all, isn't that what Valentine's Day is supposed to be all about?  It's not about the gifts bought or the money spent, but about doing something special for the people you love and being together, right? 

  So, I decided to make a full turkey dinner!  We had stocked up on turkeys when they had them cheap around the holidays, so this sounded like a great idea, mostly because I happened to have all of the ingredients, except potatoes, on hand (which I could easily pick up while we were out).  On the menu was turkey, dressing (or stuffing), mashed potatoes, Normandy mixed vegetables, roasted corn, and jellied cranberries.  For dessert was blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry shortcake with whipped cream, also because I had the ingredients on hand.

  Well, I am happy to report that "I" am the one who was blessed that I decided to serve my family in this way!  I am blessed because I know how much they appreciated all of it, and because I was paid back a hundred times over for my efforts in hugs, kisses, "oh, thank you mom"('s), "oh, mom, this is SO good" ('s), in "wow, honey, this is great", and on and on!  :) 

  I must say, it feels great to be appreciated and it truly IS more blessed to give than to receive!  :)  I got so much more joy out of doing this for my family than any flowers, gifts, or box of chocolates I could have bought or received for Valentine's Day!  So, maybe the title wasn't so deceiving, maybe love really is in the air, just not in the way the saying would lead you to believe!  :)

Hoping love is in the air in your home, too,
It's a Lacy Life

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