This blog is a record of my family, our adventures, and life as we know it. I named it after the movie "It's a Wonderful Life", because no matter what happens, good or bad, up or down, our life may not always be wonderful (or perfect), but it will always be a "Lacy Life", and that's wonderful to us!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Greetings!

                                                            Merry Christmas 2011                        

  I would like to wish everyone out there a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  What a wonderful time of year and a great opportunity to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!!  I am so thankful that He came to earth for us, that He was born of the virgin Mary, that He died for our sins, and that He rose again.  :)  MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to JESUS!!!

It's a Lacy Life

P.S.  Coming soon...I was going to write a post entitled Christmas Traditions, but I am just simply too tired to do so!  Look for it...coming soon!

Friday, December 23, 2011

The "Characters" in My Lacy Life

  I am finding that it is not as easy to find time to blog as I thought it would be.  Okay, I guess I ought to give myself a break, because IT IS the holiday season after all, and we have been extremely busy preparing for Christmas, and doing Christmassy-type things!  I plan on posting another blog about that, hopefully soon.  I certainly don't have a lack of ideas to write about, just a lack of time to write them all down!  :)

  So I thought that my second blog post should be about the "characters" in my Lacy life.  Most people who will read this blog know who my "characters" are, but just in case there is anyone out there checking out my blog that doesn't know us, or if people who know us would like to know us better, I thought some introductions were in order.

  First of all, I myself have been happily married to my dear husband for 15 years.  I am very blessed to be the mother of 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls.  I also consider myself to be very blessed to be a stay at home mom and a homeschooling mom to these 4 children.  You will learn more about me in the future, but let me introduce you to the other "characters" in my life.
Mister Lacy Life, my husband, is a great guy!  He's very laid back, friendly and a hard working man. He works as a Special Needs School Bus Driver, and considers his job to be a personal ministry for these children.  I often tell my children that daddy's never met a stranger, because he's just one of those people that talks to anyone and is friendly to everyone.

  My oldest child is a boy of 13 years old (2 weeks shy of 14).  I've decided to give this child the online nick-name of "All Star Boy".  This bouncing baby boy was born bouncing (a ball that is) and always ready to play!  Okay, okay, he wasn't literally BORN bouncing a ball, but for as long as I can remember, he's been bouncing, tossing and catching balls!  Baseballs, basketballs, super balls, tennis balls, footballs, you name it, he loves to play!  If there is a sport or an activity out there... he's game.  Speaking of game...he loves to play games!  Whether it be a game of baseball, a board game, a game of cards, or a game of tag, he's there.  Pretty much every where we go he brings with anything from a deck of cards to all of his baseball equipment, just in case there is an opportunity to organize a game of something!  This child is very athletic but he also has a brilliant mind.  He really loves to read as well.  He dreams of being a baseball player someday.  This child is my right-hand-young man, as he is always ready to help me around the house with whatever I need.

  My next child is a girl of 12 years old.  This sweet baby girl is truly a sweetie!  This child I have decided to nick name "Amish Girl".  She is fascinated with all things old-fashioned, Amish, girly, and lady-like.  From tea-parties and dresses, to knitting and creating things from scratch with her hands, she could have easily been born 2 centuries ago and been in her glory!  This child is very creative and musical.  She dreams of being a missionary, a mid-wife, but mostly a mom.  She's very loving and compassionate.  She's always there to lift people up if they are feeling bad, sad, mad or anything but happy.  This child is my second in command right-hand-lady, or my "personal assistant" as I sometimes like to call her.

  My third child is a girl of 10 years old.  This spirited baby girl was born letting people know that she will not be pushed around!  I have decided to nick name her "Nature Girl", because she has a true, genuine love for nature and creatures!  Her ideal day would be spent fishing with her daddy and catching frogs and tadpoles on the shoreline all day.  ( Yes, she's a daddy's girl! :)  )  If it was up to her, we would house frogs, horses, and any other creature we happen to run across on our adventures.  What a blessing to have a child like this to help you appreciate God's world and God's creations.  She is very spunky, loves to sing, and there's also a side to her that is very princess-like.  She likes to dress-up and act out movies, plays or books.  Right now it's Anne of Green Gables or Little House on the Prairie she's acting out.  She's not really expressed what she would like to be when she is older, but she asks lots of questions and is always up for a good debate!

  My youngest child is a boy of 8 years old.  This baby boy was also born bouncing, but unlike my older bouncing baby boy it's not because he's always bouncing a ball (although he loves to, and is often found playing games and sports as well), it's more so because he's always so bouncy!  He's very happy, friendly, and literally bouncing for joy in-your-face!  I've decided to nick name this child  "The Entertainer".  This child loves to entertain people and make people smile and laugh!  For as long as I can remember he's been such a friendly child, and a people magnet!  He loves to be the center of attention.  He dreams of being a football player someday.  With this child, who needs television, we have our entertainment built right in to our family.  This child is also very philosophical, and always has the best questions and observations.

  Well, these are the "characters" you will be reading about on the It's A Lacy Life blog.  I better wrap this up now.  I hope you enjoyed my second blog post and I hope you are enjoying getting to know the "characters" in my Lacy life!  :)

Until next time,                                                                      
It's a Lacy Life

Sunday, December 11, 2011

First Blog Post

  Hello out there!  Whomever you may be!?!?  This blog is many years in the making.  I have been thinking about it, and wanting to start it for several years now.  I am so happy to finally be connected, thanks to my dear friend Mrs. Taffy!  :) 

  I guess I will start with why I wanted to start this blog.  I wanted to start this blog for many reasons, but firstly I wanted to document my families story.  The special times, good times, bad times, mundane times, holidays, traditions, activities, and fun stuff that we do everyday sometimes gets overshadowed by our daily grind, and this way I can look back (and so can they) on all (or at least some) of the memories we've created over the years.  Along with that, I am also hopeful that this blog will fulfill my need to document our life in story and in picture, as I've always wanted to scrapbook, but never seem to find the time, energy, or means to do.  For some reason, blogging seems to accomplish the same thing, but quicker and cheaper!  I've always wanted to write a book, and hopefully this blog will fulfill my need to write, which I never seem to have the time for.

  I am also looking at this blog as a way to connect with friends and family that I might not be able to connect with as much as I would like to in real life, by sharing our journey online with them. 

  One day, if the Lord is willing... I desire this blog to be, not just a documentation of our family life, but I would love to have the honor of being an encouragement for other people...of course, not in my own strength or by my own doing...but through HIM who strengthens me!

  Last but not least, and truly above all, I desire to bring honor and glory to my Father in Heaven and my Lord Jesus Christ through this blog and really- all that I do!  

  Well that's that!  I'm just about done with my first blog post!  Thank you for stopping by and reading my thoughts!  I would love to hear what you thought...I think!?!?  :)

  Whew!  It's over!  :)

Until next time,
It's a Lacy Life