This blog is a record of my family, our adventures, and life as we know it. I named it after the movie "It's a Wonderful Life", because no matter what happens, good or bad, up or down, our life may not always be wonderful (or perfect), but it will always be a "Lacy Life", and that's wonderful to us!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Love from home!

  For quite a while now, Mr. Lacy Life has been having a tough time at work, mostly due to the fact that there just seems to be a complete lack of integrity, lack of respect, and lack of work ethic with certain employees on his job.  One person in particular went out for a job/promotion, which just happens to be the same  job/promotion that Mr. Lacy Life was seeking.  Well, I am disappointed to report that this other employee got the job instead.  Honestly, if it would have been ANYONE else, we could have seen the logic of it.  But because of this co-workers track record, lack of integrity, lack of respect, and lack of a strong work ethic, it really boggles the mind of a thinking person!  

  It is tough enough to go to work for 11-12 hours a day, and be away from your family for all of that time, but when you see things like this go on in the work place, it tends to wear down your resolve.  Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly obvious that there are office politics and selfish ambitions that precede and over ride integrity, respect, a strong work ethic, a strong commitment, and a solid track record on his job.

  My dear husband is such a hard worker, such a great provider, and such a wonderful and dedicated father and husband that he deserves SO much!  Not to mention the fact that he is such a good, hard worker with such an unbelievable track record of integrity that he deserves to have any and every promotion and more!  And, well, since I can't give him the respect, the promotions, or the accolades in the work place that he SO obviously deserves, the kiddos and I do what we can do to make his days at work more tolerable by showing him much love and appreciation when he gets home from a long day! 
  So today, when we got wind of the sad news that not only did he NOT get the job/promotion, but that another, undeserving co-worker did, we decided to surprise my dear husband with some L-O-V-E from home!!!  I rallied our "troops" (our brood of 4 children and myself) and told them that we were going to make daddy a special dinner and show him how much we love and appreciate him with a special night! 
  We treated him to his Favorite meal, which is meatloaf, mashed potatoes  with gravy, and veggies for this meat-n'-patada's man!  The kiddos and I also surprised him with a balloon, a banner, cards, and lots of love and hugs from our hearts for all that he does for this family!  We ate together, talked, relaxed and just basically tried to take his mind off of the unfortunate set of circumstances that he has to wake up and go face again tomorrow!
  Thank God that this job is not our source, and that the one who is, our God, can bring us through any and all circumstances that we face in this life.  He is able, He gives us the strength, and the grace to bring us through when things get tough.  Praise God that His mercies are new every morning, and when my dear husband has to go face this situation again tomorrow, I can have comfort and be assured that he is not alone, but our God will be with him!  :)
Here's hoping that you are appreciating one another today, too,
It's a Lacy Life


  1. You guys are AWESOME! And I think you have an amazing husband too! He has all my respect!

    1. Oh, thank you, my dear! We think you all are quite special as well! Much love to you!