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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting, and Finally...SNOW!!!

  Okay, so just so you know, this is a post that I originally began back in February.  This is not what things looked like here today in Minnesota!

  I don't know what the weather has been like in your neck of the woods, but around these parts, it has been an unseasonably warm winter with little to no snow!  Really!  I know when people think of Minnesota they automatically think of cold weather with LOTS and LOTS of snow.  Like- you can't even leave your house amount of snow!  Well, even those of us that live here would have to admit that it's not quite THAT bad, even though it does get kind of old day after week after month of it!  Ugh!  However, we usually do live up to that reputation of LOTS of snow and really cold weather in the winter time, but this year has been quite different, indeed.  So different that I have never, ever seen the likes of this kind of winter in all my thirty-(ah-hem)-some years!  :)
  We have gotten some snow in the past few months, it's just that every time we've gotten a little snow, it has been melting almost right away due to our warm temperatures.  So, with all that being said, the children have been hoping, and praying, and...well...really BEGGING God for some snow to play in!!!  All except for one particular child who realizes that with all that snow comes the work of shoveling all of that snow!  :)

  Although we have gotten some small amounts of snow, up until now there have been no snowmen guarding our front yard, no snowball fights, and very little snow playing, because of this lack of a good snowfall.  So the other day God graciously blessed them with a little bit of the "white stuff", as we so "affectionately" call it here.  After the kiddos did all of the shoveling, they played, and they played, and then they played some more!  They were so thankful for the snow to play in, and even that child I mentioned earlier had a blast playing in all that beautiful snow!  :)

Enjoying the "white stuff" on THIS day,
It's a Lacy Life

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