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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Birthday to the Entertainer!!!

  My sweet little boy, my youngest child has turned 9 on the 28th of April.  Most days it doesn't even seem possible that my "baby" of all my "babies" has grown up so much already!  It seems like just the other day that my oldest son was begging us and praying to God for a little brother.  The Entertainer is such a friendly and happy child, and can make anyone smile with his presence and his contagious smile.

  The Entertainer had a few requests for his birthday.  You see, around here, we have a tradition of making the day special for the birthday child by taking the birthday child out alone, with the parent of their choice, to a special dinner date, and then out and about to wherever they want to go, as well as letting that child pick the meals for the day.  For his birthday he wanted daddy to make him apple pancakes (dad is the pancake maker around here), he wanted to go to the Rainforest Cafe in the Mall of America, he wanted to go to the Lego Store in Mall of America, and he also wanted to have a play date at the park with some of his friends.  So, we indulged him.  :) 

  Here he is enjoying his apple pancakes, complete with candle and a Happy Birthday song, sung by his family...
And here he is at the Rainforest Cafe...
  And here he is at the park play date with some of his friends (the ones that were able to come), complete with the "shoe toss" game that he requested to play...
 Rest assured, although I didn't get a picture of it, he also got to go to the Lego Store, as requested!  :)

  What a great day and what a blessing and an answer to prayer this sweet little boy is to this grateful family!  :)

Blessings to you as you celebrate your family,
It's a Lacy Life

P.S.  Sorry I was a little low on pictures, I kept forgetting to take them at the park, it was actually pretty cold that day, and all the people who weren't running around (read adults) were freezing and trying to stay warm!  :)

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  1. Happy Birthday Buddy! We sure love you and were sorry we couldn't come to the party!!