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Friday, June 8, 2012

What a deal! #3

  Would you believe me if I told you that I wrote this post like 2 weeks ago to link up with my good friend over at My Life on a Taffy Pull, and just before I went to publish it, I somehow deleted it?!?  Can you believe that?!?  I spent ALL that time on it, and then for that to happen!  UGH!  How annoying!  What a waste of my time!  I've been on somewhat of a "rebellion" from my blog, for that reason!  Oh well, I'm over in now, and I am going to try and re-create, and re-post what I had written back then, just know that this was from about 2 weeks ago.

  So, I didn't really do any garage sale-ing this week, well, okay, I didn't PLAN on going to any garage sales this week, but after my chiropractic appointment, and while waiting to meet my DH for lunch with the family, I had a little bit of time to waste, and what better thing to waste a little time in a "productive" sort-of-way, than to see what I could find for my family at some garage sales?  We ended up only finding like 4 sales, and I only bought a few things.  Here is a picture:

  I found all of these fun science experiment kits that were brand new at a garage sale where the lady was also a homeschooler, but she had the job of going into the public schools and doing science and science experiments with the children in the schools with these kits.  I got these for just .25 cents a piece.  And can you believe it, I ONLY bought one book this time, that was from a different sale, and that was .50 cents. The two 3-ringed binders are full of science curriculum that the other homeschool mom gave to me for free.  That was all I managed to find while out and about during our short time.

  So, with that in mind, I thought I could show you a few things that I found about a month ago, that I never posted about.  I found these shorts that match this shirt we already had for All Star Boy for $1.00.  What a handsome model he is!!!  :) 
  And all of these outfits below (both tops and bottoms) for Nature Girl were from another garage sale, and were either .50 or .75 cents, except for the shoes in the picture that was taken outside, which were brand new and $1.00.  Isn't she such a cute model???  :)

  At the same sale I found all of the clothes for Nature Girl at, I found this cute short dress/long shirt for Amish Girl for $2, which didn't look as if it had even ever been worn.  It's just perfect with some leggings, and those sandals she is wearing, my mom found for her at a thrift store we tried out a couple of months ago, and I believe they were $3.00.  A whole outfit, including shoes, for $10, because those leggings were bought a while back at Target for $5.00.  Again... don't you like the beautiful model?!?  :)
  This same week, we also had a used-curriculum sale that I both sold at and bought from, so I will talk about those bargains as well.  I am so excited I FINALLY found Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1 for my oldest child for next year!  YAY!  Okay, so I actually paid what may seem like a lot of money, especially since I was just talking garage sale prices at fifty cents and a dollar, etc., BUT I assure you that this was a good deal, not a GREAT deal, but a good deal!  I paid $100 for this, which is the new version of this Math curriculum, and therefore it has self-correcting software built into it.  Consider the fact that it includes both CD-ROM's (there are, I think, 10 CD's in that packet), a textbook, and an answer key/teachers book in there.  Also, it is a computer based math curriculum, that the children do on the computer and it will just simply tell me their grades in their "grade book" to all their daily work as well as their tests, and I will use it for all 4 children, that's just $25 a year for a WHOLE years worth of upper-level math, now that's a good deal!  AND further more, it retails for about $185 brand new.  And this is the NEW version of this, as the older version doesn't have the built in grade book, you have to do all of that correcting yourself. 

  Also in the picture is an English book that is required for our next year's school unit study curriculum, I paid $2 for that.  The boys in the family meet with other boys/dads and 2 of those books are books we are using as a guide for our time together, so those will come in handy, they were either $1 of .50 cents each.  A couple of books for "fun" and /or enrichment at between .25 to $1 each, and then there is an Apologia Physical Science book and test booklet/teachers guide that I only paid $8 for!  That will be for 9th grade science, and I already have the interactive teaching CD-ROM for extra help and enrichment activities.  It is the older edition, but it isn't that old, and nothing has really changed about physical science.  Oh, and I can't forget, those other 2 books are gifts for my dad and my husband for Fathers Day, they were brand new, still in the book wrappers, and at just .25 cents each, what a bargain!  It's a book paralleling hunting and God, and what this hunter learned from nature and hunting about God.  Should be a good "manly" read for them!  :)

  Okay, last but not least, is my favorite "fun" purchase.  I have been eye-balling these beauties for years, and finally they were the right price at the right time.  They retail for, I think, about $50 a book normally.  These are character sketches from nature and they have wonderful stories and illustrations from nature that correlate to the bible, and illustrate biblical character through nature.  I've NEVER, ever seen these at a used-curriculum sale, I think people just keep them to refer to time and time again throughout their life, and therefore keep them forever.  What a "gem" and a great addition to our home library for bible study.  I paid $18 for the pair of books, Volumes 1 and 2.

  Okay, there you have it, I hope you've enjoyed reading about my finds, and I hope you are enjoying searching for bargains for your families as well.

God bless you!
It's a Lacy Life


  1. GREAT finds! And yes, I do think your models and are adorable and beautiful and handsome!! Thanks for linking up friend!!

  2. The Character Sketches are great! I have a set because my parents passed them down to me. So, yes I'm sure it's hard to find a used set! Such cute clothes, too!

  3. Wow! Such treasure! Your blog is beautifully done - very elegant!

    Love the cothing you found for your crew and whoo-hoo can't beat the great deals you found on science and books...nice!!!

    Happy treasure hunting - and thanks for sharing!

    God bless you and your "Wonderful" family!

    P.S. - sooooo funny about your blog name as we often refer to ourselves as the "Bailey" bunch...and often call my husband "George Bailey" funny! Gotta love that movie!

    1. Thank you for the comment! I just found out who you are through our mutual friend! :) So nice to have you visit my blog! I'm going to check yours out, too! :)

      God Bless!