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Saturday, June 16, 2012

What a Deal #4

  This week was a bust for garage sales, mostly because it rained ALL DAY on Thursday, and after that I pretty much lost the desire to go at all.  I've had a very productive (almost) 3 days at home without going anywhere from Tuesday night about 10p.m. through Friday at about 6:30p.m., and frankly, I just didn't want to leave the house at all!  :)  BUT, never fear... I do have some things from previous weeks I didn't get to share yet, and so I do have some fun bargains to share with you in spite of not being able to go out on Thursday.

  Here is some of what I found about a month ago at 2 different garage sales.  The overall snow pants were from the same sale I found the clothes that I talked about last week, and I have a funny story about that movie.  The overalls were $3.00, and were just like new.  The movie is called Icecastles, and if you are a child of the 70's, you may remember it, too.  The funny story about that movie goes like this: That movie was one of my very favorite movies growing up, but I bought it for another reason altogether.  When I bought it, my kiddos asked me, "Mom, why did you buy that movie?", and my reply was "Cause dad said he was IN that movie, and it was my favorite movie growing up, and I want to see if we can find him in there."  To which they replied a very LOUD and in sync "WHAT?!?!?  DAD WAS IN A MOVIE?!?!?"  So the story goes... and now we have to watch it and try to find him in there.  (He was an extra in the crowd-should be interesting to try and find him.)  :)  I paid .50 cents for the movie.

  Here are some more great finds that I found during an impromptu garage sale excursion a while back.  Those candlesticks were only $3.00 for the set of 3, plus 3 really nice smelling (half-used) candles.  I love the candlesticks, and I'll try and get a little use out of the candles, but if I can't, my husband uses my old candles to make fire starters for our fireplace.  Beats buying them, right?  Then theres a basket, I must admit I am a bit of a "nut" for a nice basket, especially at just .50 cents, which is what I paid for that one.  And I usually like square or rectangle baskets to put books in in our schoolroom or our living room.  I took off the liner and washed it, and am using it without it now.  Those 2 CD's were brand new with wrappers on them still, and $1.00 each.  They are very nice instrumental Praise CD's, perfect for background music during quiet time or during school.  Underneath that stuff is a long black skirt with beads that was so cute, I just couldn't pass it up at just .50 cents, and it is a size smaller than what I currently wear (down a size from what I was wearing), so it's cheap incentive to keep loosing weight.  :)

  Here we have another basket for .50 cents, and each of those movies was just .25 cents each!  Most were VHS, but one was a DVD, and several were from the "Feature Films for Families" series, one was "The Waltons", one "Adventures in Odyssey", one "Animated Stories from the Bible", and a few OLDER Disney movies.  I can't really get with the new Disney stuff.  :) 
  In this next picture, there are 2 games, at .50 cents for each, and that Solitaire Frenzy game, which I believe was $1-2.00 (it does include about 6 complete decks of cards in different colors, which we will use a lot, if nothing else) and a few puzzles, which I already have a plan for, and were .50 cents each.  All of those CD's were either .25 or .50 cents, and will be great if we like them, and if we don't, we will find a nice home for them as all are Christian music.  Now the Lorie Line CD was a whopping dollar, but we gladly paid that for it, because I think our other Lorie Line CD's are just about worn out (not literally)!  If you don't know who she is, she is a very talented musician and pianist, who does some really wonderful adaptations of popular Christmas music (at least on the CD's we have, it's Christmas music) that are just wonderful!  One of the CD'sYay!

  Alright, that's all I have to share this time, hopefully next week I will be able to actually "go out" garage sale-ing, and will find some useful and "fun" stuff.

Blessings on your day,
It's a Lacy Life


  1. Oh the movie story is a crack up! I can't wait to hear if you found him on it! Lol!

  2. How fun is that about your DH?! Hope you are able to find him! I love the movie Christy, great find!!

    1. I'd never seen nor heard of that Christy one, thanks for the endorsement! :) Thanks for commenting, too!

  3. Great finds! You found some great movies for a great price! The Christy movie is so good. They actually had a TV series on CBS for a few seasons (I own it), just an all around wholesome show. It's a bummer when it rains on garage sale days, but yea for being productive!! :)